September 2018 Feature Farmer Bill Massey


We’re proud to announce this month’s Feature Farmer is Bill Massey!

Bill and his wife, Janice, have a 160 acre farm in Malta Township; it’s a grassland farm with commercial beef cattle. Also, Bill is a retired agriculture education teacher who taught for 34 years at Morgan High School.

Bill just really loves what he gets to do as a farmer! He especially appreciates watching things grow and seeing the results of his work, from seeing the baby calves grow into feeder calves and the hay ending up in round bales. Plus, he and wife like the country life their farm allows them to live.

Bill has been on the farm that he grew up on for the past five years, and his 90-year-old mother still lives on the property as well. However, before moving onto his family’s farm, he ran an apple orchard for 40 years; that operation included apple and cider production as well as traveling to farmers markets and other events.

During his “off season,” Bill spends his time getting machinery ready, building fence and generally maintaining the farm. He has also had the opportunity to make several major improvements to the farm thanks to his being approved for seven major practices endorsed by Soil and Water Conversation District. A few examples of the practices include spring development, a concrete feeding pad and building interior fence.

When asked what the biggest challenges he faces for his operation are, dealing with the various required licenses and the uncertainty of markets are the first things that come to Bill’s mind. He also mentioned the economic pressures that the majority of farmers face.

Bill and his wife enjoy being Farm Bureau members for the councils! They said they enjoy getting together and visiting with neighbors to hear about policies, trends, current events and learn from different perspectives. The council is what got them started in Farm Bureau and it’s continued to be a vital part of their operation.

Thank you Bill and Janice for being such an excellent part of our community’s agriculture! We appreciate all that you do!

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