Hershbergers Named Member of Distinction

Mike and Teresa Hershberger were recently named the 2018 Holmes County Member of Distinction. Distinction means excellence that sets something or someone apart from others. Mike and Teresa have contributed and been involved in Holmes County Farm Bureau and the community for a long time.
This award was presented at the Annual Meeting by board member and long-time friend of the Hershbergers, Jimmy Croskey. Jimmy interviewed family members of Mike and Teresa as well as Dale Arnold, who was the organization director when they were first involved in Farm Bureau.

Mike and Teresa were married April 7, 1979.  They have been members and attending Farm Bureau events for decades. In 1987-88, Mike served as county president. They also served as membership chairs during that time. According to Arnold, Mike, along with Ken Gerber, were pioneers in that they were really the first two to reach out and connect Farm Bureau to the Amish community. Arnold said that when they were at the peak of their involvement, Mike and Teresa would go out and visit with their neighbors and bring in piles of memberships. This was before the Murray Lincoln award was in existence, but they would have been many-time recipients.

Along with the family farm, Mike started working at Horrisberger Implement around 1975-1976. During this involvement in Farm Bureau, Mike continued the family farm operation and started working for Clark Township. Teresa worked at Joel Pomerene Hospital. Arnold said she worked to create a great connection between the hospital and Farm Bureau. The farm operation is still active today raising crops and finishing beef cattle. They still have their International 806, 574, and Farmall M.

The county board wished to express sincere thanks and appreciation for the dedication of the Hershbergers to Holmes County Farm Bureau.

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