2018 Scholarship Winner – Sarah Black

Meet  2018 Montgomery County Farm Bureau Study Abroad Scholarship Winner Sarah Black

Sarah Black is being awarded the Study Abroad Scholarship from Montgomery County Farm Bureau in the amount of $1,000. Sarah is the daughter of Jerry and Linda Black of Union. She is currently a senior at Ohio University, where she is studying business administration. She will earn her bachelor’s degree in May 2019.

Sarah BlackSarah traveled to Nicaragua in January 2018 through Ohio University’s Global  Consulting Program. Students had the opportunity to work closely with   entrepreneurs to help them successfully grow their businesses, directly impacting the local economy. She enjoyed learning about their culture and appreciates the experience of observing life in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Sarah relied heavily on her education and leadership skills to directly consult with businesses in order to leave a lasting impact on entrepreneurs and fellow  attendees. Sarah had quite an experience and is well deserving of this scholarship. Congratulations, Sarah!