Butler County Farm Bureau Centennial Celebration

For 100 years, Butler County Farm Bureau has been serving farming, rural and urban communities in the county. To mark our 100th year, the organization celebrated at the annual meeting Aug. 23 with a program highlighting the past years since our origination and honoring the leaders of the organization. Many displays of past memorabilia and articles were on display as well as a “What Is It’ game for attendees guessing what farm or household antique was on display.

A keepsake bag featuring the centennial celebration logo was given to all attending the meeting. Many past presidents were in attendance of the more than 170 people at the meeting.

To continue the centennial celebration, Butler County will feature a past leaders, organizations, groups, committees and other important parts of the organization that have shaped our history on Facebook each week.  Follow us at Butler County Farm Bureau Hamilton OH. 2018-bag-logo

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