Ashtabula County Farm Bureau, Soil and Water Host Annual Meeting

The 2018 annual meeting of the Ashtabula County Farm Bureau, and Ashtabula County Soil and Water, was held recently at The Winery at Spring Hill. It was an evening filled with agricultural friends and great food.

The evening began with a social reception. This was the opportunity to speak with elected officials and candidates running for public office, a very active part of Farm Bureau, working closely with our elected officials.

Following dinner was a Farm Bureau and Soil and Water Year in Review, Farm Bureau elections and voting on policy resolutions to be worked on in 2019, and both organizations took time to honor some very special members and guests.

Young Agricultural Professional Attendees Daniel and Sara Frank gave a great speech on their experience at the meeting.ashtabula-2018-am-3

Lynn Frank and Terry Atkinson, of the Farm Bureau Scholarship Committee, announced the winners of the 2018 Scholarships.  They were Allison Magyar and Katie Stokes, both away at school and their parents were present and recognized.

Lynn Frank and Nathan Paskey presented the Innovative Farmer Award to Nate Bissell, the Partner of the Year Award to OSU Extension- Ashtabula County, and the Soil and Water Cooperator of the Year Award.

Mandy Orahood, Farm Bureau organization director, thanked our Farm Bureau Action Team leaders: Tom Spencer, Organization Action Team Leader; Sara Frank and Laddie Marous, Communication Action Team Leaders; George and Janet Kalas, Membership Action Team Leaders; and Ann Marrison and Jason Hayes, Public Policy Action Team Leaders. Dedicated volunteers are the hands of the organization. Orahood also discussed the importance of membership, the role members play and the importance of simply making the ask.

Nate L’Amoreaux and Laddie Marous were recognized with plaques for their volunteer service to the county Farm Bureau.

We are looking forward to 2019, working together with members, businesses and organizations, offering great programs and services to our members and our communities.


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