Ag groups want to maintain relationships in Chinese markets

As the trade and tariff war between China and the United States continues, business and government officials from Ohio’s sister state of Hubei Province met with their counterparts in Columbus recently to talk about what the two regions have in common instead of at odds.

Jack Irvin, OFBF senior director of state and national affairs, attended the recent JobsOhio and Greater Columbus Chinese Chamber of Commerce event, which hosted the vice governor for Hubei Province, Daochi Tong, as well as Yumin Zhao, acting general consul for China in New York.

Topics included ways to keep relations between China and the United States strong during turbulent political times. Irvin said trade tensions and tariffs were a main part of the conversation.

“(Agriculture groups) expressed our commitment to be reliable, dependable suppliers of food to China and the world,” Irvin said. “We take pride in that responsibility and in maintaining those relationships that we have built.”

At the event, Chinese officials said that business relationships, cultural understanding and student exchange programs will help mainland China and the United States build stronger ties and establish normal relations.

Feature Image: Representatives from China and the U.S., including Ohio Farm Bureau, meet at a recent event in Columbus to discuss relations between the two countries.

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