David Joyce recognized as a Friend of Agriculture

The OFBF Agriculture for Good Government Political Action Committee designates “Friends of Agriculture.” In order to make that designation, the committee works with county Farm Bureaus.

For selecting federal candidates, both American Farm Bureau and Ohio Farm Bureau have a process to determine candidates who have demonstrated support for agriculture. Only one candidate in each race may receive this designation, to which two factors are used to determine. One is an evaluation conducted by each county in the congressional district. Local Farm Bureau leaders provide input on the representative’s level of engagement, as well as his or her responsiveness to agricultural and business issues. The second factor used is the legislator’s voting record on American Farm Bureau’s key issues. Votes that were considered included Farm Bureau priorities on tax reform, regulatory reform, farm policy and waterways.

The 2018 U.S Congressional Friend of Agriculture for District 14 goes to Congressman David Joyce.  Thank you Congressman for your continued support of agriculture.

One thought on “David Joyce recognized as a Friend of Agriculture

  1. Avatar Terry Wereb says:

    David Joyce is funded, in part, by the Humane Society of the United States. Seems they made a pretty hefty contribution to his campaign. H$U$ is ANTI-Animal ANYTHING! That means no animal Agriculture, no working livestock dogs, no poultry, goats, etc. how does an organization that is supposed to be dedicated to farming justify supporting an Animal Rights supporter, when the concern should be protecting farmers from those who think farmers have no concern about the welfare of their livestock?

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