Antique Tractor Drive a long standing tradition

Sept. 27, six students and one teacher drove their tractors to school to display throughout the day. The one requirement to participate in the drive is that each tractor has to be a 1975 model or older. In addition to displaying their tractors in front of the high school, the FFA members drove over to the BREC, where the preK-8 grade had the opportunity to come out and look at and sit on the tractors. This was a huge success with the younger students, and the FFA members had a great time interacting with the elementary students and telling them all about the history of their tractor.

The following students participated in the drive: Shacoy Steele, Colton Thompson, Daniel Gorey, Coleton McCourt, Breann Czarny, and Collin Burnett. One of the FFA’s biggest supporters and high school teacher, Mrs. Berry, also drove her tractor to school and participated in the drive. Congratulations to Daniel Gorey who drove the oldest tractor; a 1937 John Deere AR.