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Group Member Spotlight: OSU Extension Greene County

OSU Extension Greene County’s goal is to engage people to strengthen their lives and communities through research-based educational programming. OSU Extension connects with people of all stages of life, from young children to older adults. They work with families and children, farmers and business owners, community leaders, and elected officials to build better communities to make Ohio great!

As Extension Educators they:

  • Extend the resources of the land-grant university
  • Focus on economic, environmental, leadership, youth, and families
  • Engage people on lifelong learning
  • Address the diverse needs of citizens in rural, suburban, and urban communities
  • Recruit volunteers to multiply Extension’s efforts while developing their leadership potential
  • Enhance teamwork through networking and connectedness
  • Link youth, family and community needs to scholars throughout Ohio and globally.

For more information about the OSU Extension Greene County check out their website and check them out on Facebook.

OSU Extension Greene County

100 Fairgrounds Rd

Xenia, Ohio 45385


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