Trustee Tuesday: Jessica Conrad

Meet Hamilton County Farm Bureau Trustee Jessica Conrad

Jessica Conrad recently became a Farm Bureau member last year, but that did not stop her from joining the board. This year, she was elected as the Vice President of Hamilton County Farm Bureau. She felt the need to become a member because of her constant involvement within agriculture. Jessica grew up with horses and was involved in 4-H and FFA. These organizations allowed her to pursue her interest in agriculture. Jessica also felt it would be good to join the board because a friend recommended it to her due to her agricultural interests. During her short time as a member, her favorite aspect of Farm Bureau, so far, is the Washington, D.C. trip she attended in September 2017. Jessica is currently working at Green Acres and works with livestock. She studied agriculture business at Wilmington College and graduated in 2016. Throughout college, Jessica was exceedingly active in participating in agricultural-related organizations, such as Wilmington Aggies and Collegiate 4-H. Overall, Jessica strives to maintain her involvement in agriculture because it is tremendously important to her.