Greene County Energy Sweepstakes Winner

Greene County Member Aaron Coontz was a recent winner of the $500 Energy Sweepstakes! This is a contest that members can enter for a chance to win $500 that can be used like cash.  This contest goes hand in hand with the Ohio Farm Bureau Energy Program which is one of our newest member benefits.

Ohio Farm Bureau’s Energy Program takes the guesswork out of energy costs and gives eligible members an opportunity to save money. Ohio Farm Bureau has partnered with an Ohio company that not only understands energy but has performed the complicated analysis for you. By providing tips and tools to help better manage electric and natural gas costs, the program’s goal is to assist members with energy analysis, education, protection, and savings when possible –ultimately putting money back into your pocket.

Congratulations on winning the sweepstakes, Aaron! For more information about how you can enter to win visit Ohio Farm Bureau Energy Program or call 1-800-830-3501.

Photo caption: Aaron Coontz and Organization Director Ashley Rose

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