Trustee Tuesday: Lou Schindler

Meet Hamilton County Farm Bureau Trustee Lou Schindler

Lou Schindler has been a Farm Bureau member for 20 years and on the board for 10 years. He decided to join because his parents were members, so that influenced him to join. In addition, he liked the various benefits offered to members. Lou enjoys representing Hamilton County in Washington, D.C. for differing reasons and trips. Lou likes seeing the efforts being made on behalf of farmers by the legislators. Aside from Farm Bureau, Lou is retired. He operated a farm for kids to come and learn about agriculture and farm safety. He was “Farmer Lou.” He worked and retired from the Motz Group. Lou is married to his wife, Lori; they have four children and eight grandchildren. Lou truly enjoys spending time with his family, and being a grandpa is his favorite pastime, besides being a Farm Bureau trustee.