Trustee Tuesday: Rita Warner

Meet Montgomery County Farm Bureau Trustee Rita Warner

Rita Warner has been a Farm Bureau member for the past 45 years. She has been a board member numerous times. She grew up on a farm that believed in the roots of Farm Bureau. She once was on a council of farmers that discussed state level issues, which began her interest in similar associations. Rita enjoys the lobbying actions that Farm Bureau takes. Her favorite portion of the organization is a youth camp for which she volunteered. Rita spent 30 years volunteering, and even received state recognition from Ohio Farm Bureau for her service, which was influential because it made her realize how much she truly enjoys being a part of Farm Bureau. Furthermore, Rita is a devoted believer in Farm Bureau’s mission. She is a true example of a Farm Bureau advocate. In addition to Farm Bureau, Rita worked as a paramedic for 10 years, serving the community with her emergency assistance. All in all, Rita finds that every Farm Bureau supporter is important and every voice matters. She hopes that others will understand the true values of a farmer.

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