Crawford Farm Bureau Seeking Help

We recently kicked off our 2019 membership campaign and we need your help in making this year a success. Our goal is to secure 97 new farmer members by March 31 to grow our organization. The more people we have talking to their friends and neighbors about joining Farm Bureau, the easier it will be to reach our goal.

Do you know anyone in your community who you think would benefit from a Farm Bureau membership? You can help Crawford County Farm Bureau grow and strengthen your community by asking them to join. What’s in it for you? Prizes, our unending gratitude, and glory!

You can #StepUpforMembership and qualify to receive Farm Bureau swag: shirts, umbrellas, a trip to Austin, Texas, or Amazon gift cards. Click here to check it out. Now through March 31, every member you sign will get you closer to winning those prizes. Make sure you let us know at the office who you have contacted, so we can track your eligibility.

Ultimately, we’d love for people to talk face-to-face and share their Farm Bureau stories, but that’s not always easy when we are on the move and living life. The StepUpForMembership website makes it easy. In one location, you can find background information on the many things Farm Bureau does for farmers and agriculturalists of all sizes, and benefit information for that friend who is always searching for a good deal. You can click on a button to reach out to lapsed members in your county, or use a template to send a membership invitation to your own contacts.

Our members are what make our organization strong. When you help by referring new members or by bringing back lapsed members, you help your Farm Bureau become even stronger. #MembershipMakesItHappen

If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out to someone, but still think they could benefit from being a member, let any of our county trustees know, or contact us at the office at 800-327-6055 or [email protected], and we can reach out to them!