A Word from President Bob Suver

As part of Clark County Farm Bureau’s leadership, I have a wide knowledge and appreciation of the many benefits the organization provides its membership.
Helping the public and leaders of our government understand the important part agriculture plays is key in boosting the economic success of our county, state and nation. This is one of the many great things Farm Bureau does well: grassroots advocacy regarding policies and issues will sustain that success. The strength of our grassroots is what makes Farm Bureau valuable and our members so important.

Reforming the Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) property tax calculation is an example of significant policy reform recently enacted. Clark County is scheduled to see the results of this in property tax payments due in 2020. The expectation is on average a 30% reduction in the property tax payment due.
Farm Bureau is a leader in advocating for and investing in clean environmental policies and practices. In 2015 Ohio Farm Bureau and USDA-NRCS launched the Blanchard River Demonstration Farm Network. This is a $1 million, five-year project and the first of its kind in Ohio. Three demonstration farms showcase innovative and standard agricultural practices that help reduce and prevent nutrient runoff. An Advisory Committee provides guidance to the project using their expertise in their given fields. The establishment of the demonstration farms have had a positive impact and a direct result of improving water quality. Clark County Farm Bureau plans on having a bus tour of these farms on Aug. 16. Be on the lookout for more details soon!

2019 is Ohio Farm Bureau’s centennial year. Clark County Farm Bureau will be celebrating at the Clark County Fairgrounds on June 26 during the annual Farm Day. United Way, Springfield City Schools and Farm Bureau are partnering to engage hundreds of school children in exercises to learn about agriculture.
Farmers are experiencing difficult times. Whether you’re facing uncertainty in trade, crop and livestock prices, input costs or weather, be assured Farm Bureau is hard at work supporting farmers all across our state and nation. As you prepare to start this planting season, I hope you have a safe and profitable year.

– Bob Suver, Clark County Farm Bureau president

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