Attention all timber owners

Did you know that approximately 30% of Ohio’s land area is under forest cover, and that almost 75% of this land is owned by private landowners?

Many Farm Bureau members own forest-covered land, but for many, the management of their timber stand is not a priority compared to the other elements of their farming or business operations. Not utilizing proper management of  timber can result in poor timber production and woodlot health. Unfortunately, in many cases, landowners are unaware of the value of their timber stand and many are over harvested or paid too little.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Forestry attended Ashland County Farm Bureau’s legislative breakfast and shared that it is a goal of their organization to make the public more aware of their resources.

Ohio has 19 service foresters statewide that will, at no cost:

 Visit your property, listen to the goals you have for your woodland, and evaluate and educate you about the opportunities to enhance forest health, timber production, wildlife habitat, aesthetic quality, and water quality.
 Guide you as to your needs for timber marketing assistance to meet your goals.
 Guide you as to your opportunities to maximize your tax savings through the various property tax incentive programs available to you.
 Guide you in the opportunities to utilize various USDA programs that can be used to subsidize the work needed in your woodland in order to enhance the quality and production of your woods.

Your local service forester that covers Area 4 (which serves Richland, Ashland, Medina, Wayne, Holmes and Summit counties) is John Jolliff. Joliff’s office is located at 950 ODNR Mohican Road 60 in Perrysville, and he is available on Wednesdays for in-person visits. Meetings also can be scheduled with him via email or by calling 614-439-2807.

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