Grain Bin Project Update

Phase 1 of the collaborative project between Ashland, Holmes, Medina and Wayne County Farm Bureaus is completed and includes a 26-foot bin with live floor, a 60-foot grain leg with augers, and a 15-foot bin (which will ultimately have an open roof for grain entrapment rescue trainings). We are raising funds to complete phase 2 which will fund a balcony that will be built around the 15-foot bin so class members can observe the rescue. In addition, phase 2 includes a steel-framed building that will be constructed over the 15-foot bin so that trainings can take place in all weather conditions. The estimated cost for both phases of this project is $196,000 and we are over 77% of the way to our goal.

The goal is to complete phase 2 by September. If you know of businesses, organizations or individuals willing to donate to this tax deductible great cause, please contact the office.

Thank you to this list of wonderful organizations and individuals that have committed funds to this project already. All donations are much appreciated, and here is a list of those donating $1,000 or more to the project! Donors of $1,000 or more will be featured on a permanent sign at the training facility.

Donor Amount

Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation
Farm Credit Mid-America
Centerra Co-op
Caryle Cebul
Ashland County Community Foundation
Ashland County Farm Bureau
Wayne County Farm Bureau
Medina County Farm Bureau
Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation
Ripco Ltd
Loudonville Farmers Equity
Holmes County Farm Bureau
Purina Animal Nutrition
Shearer Equipment
Trent Insurance Group
Lowe & Young
Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives
Ohio Agribusiness Association
Lisa Acker
Gerber Feed Service
Kalmbach Feeds
Mast Lepley
Loder Farms

Phase 2 will include construction of a steel-framed building around one bin as well as a training platform for the class to observe rescues

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