How Nationwide helped the Boyerts prepare for the future

“We saw too many family farms that fell apart once the parents were gone,” said Patti Boyert as she discussed a difficult challenge confronting her and husband Mike. Mike is an Ohio Farm Bureau state board trustee.

“We’d like to step back, work 40 or 50 hours a week instead of what we’re working now” is how Patti describes their initial move toward retirement. But how to transition the family greenhouse and cattle operation on to their kids weighed on their minds. “As a parent, it’s something you feel really strongly about,” added Mike.


Like many family farms with multiple children having different levels of involvement, the Boyerts wanted all their kids to be happy. They had an idea of what they wanted, but they weren’t sure how to make it happen, which is why they turned to Nationwide and the Land As Your Legacy program. Through the program, Nationwide helped the Boyerts navigate all the legal and financial steps, but perhaps as important, they helped prepare for potentially difficult family discussions. As Patti observed, “Fair may not be equal.”

Mike said they’re grateful for what Nationwide brought to the process. “We both feel good that we have a partner. They’re looking for different avenues to make our lives easier on the farm, to make us more successful and our future generations more successful.”

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Featured Image: Mike and Patti Boyert, left, own Boyert’s Greenhouse and Farm in Medina County. Nationwide’s Land As Your Legacy has helped them plan for the future.