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Growing up, so many of my memories involve being in the kitchen. I particularly loved the holiday season; my mother and I spent much of our time in the kitchen, leaving no sugar cookie unfrosted. Mom’s silver KitchenAid mixer was always the MVP, mixing all the ingredients into delightful creations. When I learned about the Cooking Local with KitchenAid event, I was excited to see the magic come to life once more.

Last week Darke County Farm Bureau had the pleasure of holding the event, Cooking Local with KitchenAid. This event gave attendees the opportunity to learn how to make delicious dishes to share with their whole family.

The first dish was a salad dressing called, The Green Goddess — a green mixture that included sour cream, sugar and much more. The dressing itself was not shy, making its tasty presence known in every bite you took. The following dish was Fettuccine Carbonara, a classic pasta dish. This little taste of Italy also included some fresh bacon to help bring some added flavor into the mix. Finally, we indulged in homemade limoncello angel food cake. This dish seemed to be a crowd favorite, the limoncello giving the classic an exciting spin.

All of these dishes were cooked right before our eyes and explained thoroughly. I have confidence that those who attended will be making some of these dishes in the near future with confidence. However, watching the attendees smile and say, “I can’t wait to cook this for my family” or “my husband is going to love this!” got me thinking…

Creating food has a way of bringing us all together and a way of making memories. I am excited for those who attended to go home to their family and loved ones and make memories around the dishes we showcased.

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