Member Spotlight – Joseph Everett

Shelby County Board member, Joseph Everett, resides at the Everett Family Farm just outside of Sidney where they farm over 3,000 acres in three different counties. Everett started working on the family farm once he was old enough to drive a tractor. His dad taught him how to work ground in 4th grade.

After graduation, Joseph joined the Navy. After the Navy, he returned to the family farm where he runs the operation with his father Jon, uncle Tim and cousin Tyler. Their wives also play a big part with meals and day-to day-chores. His grandma (Pat) also is a big help moving them between farms.

“There are a lot of issues in agriculture today, but our biggest issue and potential issues are trade tariffs, international trade, farm bull, and trade agreements,” he said.

Everett Farms continues to adapt to a changing environment. “Our adjustment technique is for us to ‘sharpen our pencils,’ as my grandpa use to say. We just have to be more efficient. This can be reached by marketing grain better, running equipment longer, and doing our homework on what crop varieties do best on our farm.”

There is a place for Farm Bureau involvement, he said. “Growing up, my dad has always been a member and was on the Shelby County Board of Trustees. I remember listening in on council meetings at a very young age. I became involved after I moved home from the Navy and started farming shortly after.

“It is important to be a member so that our voices can be heard about the issues that farmers have across the state. It’s hard for one to be heard, but when we come together, anything is possible.”

Thank you for your dedication to the agricultural industry as well as Shelby County Farm Bureau!

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