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What’s your message? AgriPOWER Class XI Session 2 blog

Just off the shores of Lake Erie, 17 young agricultural professionals settled in for Session 2 of our exciting AgriPOWER program. As the 11th class to participate, we are comprised of seed dealers, Extension educators, bankers, bloggers and of course farmers. AgriPOWER, as a part of Farm Bureau, is a leadership development program, advocating for change and a positive networking platform that’s shaping young agriculture leaders for tomorrow. 

During our second session we focused on the power of media, anything from conversations with radio and television spokespeople to social media. One of the key items that jumped out at me was having a personal message. So what does that mean? The 27-9-3 rule was created by Vermont lawmakers several years ago. This rule states that your personal message is no longer than 27 words, nine seconds and three points. 

Why is having a personal message important? I’m sure that everyone has been asked the following questions: what do you do, or tell me a little about yourself, why do farmers do what they do? By creating a personal prepared message it helps drive your point home. So instead of answering the question “What do you do?” with, “I farm,” why not answer the question of “What do you do?” with, “I feed the nation, I provide an economic impact for my community and my state, all while providing safe and sustainable food for your family and friends.” That’s impactful, that delivers a message that you are proud of what you do, you help the community and state and you do it with the environment and your consumer in mind. 

So now that you understand the rule of 27-9-3 and you have an idea of why it’s important… USE IT. Be an advocate for change, be an advocate for agriculture and be an advocate for yourself. I urge you to create your own personal message. Create a message about your farm or business or create a message about change. Make your message compassionate, full of conviction and bring in our agricultural industry’s eternal optimism. 

What’s your message?

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Jon Brookbank is a senior financial services officer for Farm Credit Mid-America and grew up on a 500-acre row crop farm. He is active in Stark County Farm Bureau as well as the local school district.

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