Marion County Farm Bureau celebrated on Aug. 22

The Marion County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting was held at All Occasions in Waldo Aug. 22, in conjunction with the Marion County Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD). There were 92 people in attendance including special guests. Matt Reese from Ohio’s Country Journal and AgNet, spoke about the severe impact of the Ohio spring weather on farms and the planting season, and what could be the “silver lining” in all of the challenges faced this year.

The evening was a celebration of the Farm Bureau Centennial. Business during the meeting included trustee and delegates elections and voting on public policies which are the backbone of the organization. Policies provide the framework through which Farm Bureau advocates for family, community and food security. They help guide efforts to address real community issues—such as regulations, funding public education and services, environmental protection, animal care, health care, landowner’s rights and community planning. These policies are used to develop programs, projects and advocacy at the state and federal level, but just as importantly are used to help guide the yearly plan of work for Marion County Farm Bureau volunteers.

Marion County SWCD provided an update on the challenges ahead for agriculture and urged people to contact the office with issues, potential projects and to use them as a resource to improve their farms. Owen Case and Kris Guthrie were elected to the SWCD’s board. Steve McKinniss was recognized as the 2019 SWCD’s Cooperator of the Year.

Cooperator of the Year – Steve McKinnis

Marion County Farm Bureau also highlighted the accomplishments of programs held during the past year and thanked the volunteers who made local activities successful. This year, activities focused on events that provided membership engagement and advocacy as well as membership strength. Each board trustee was recognized for his or her effort, hard work and accomplishments over the past year. Jonathan Zucker, Megan Van Meter, Tim Wood, Kory Seckel, John Hafer, Daniel Lust, Tim Barnes, William Trihaft, Darryl Ralph, and Jane Mahler were elected to the board. 2020 OFBF Annual Meeting delegates are Darryl Ralph, Bryan Santschi and Jonathan Zucker. They will attend with President John Hafer.

Marion County Farm Bureau 2019 Trustees

Marion County Farm Bureau is now making plans for 2020. Farm Bureau seeks to impact and improve the community. We strive to represent our local farmers, maintain strong relationships with elected officials, and reach out to consumers with facts about food production. For more information about Farm Bureau, or better still to help with some of our projects, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact one of the county trustees or call or email the county office. 419.747.7488 or [email protected].

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