Letter from Helen Swank

To My Dear Farm Bureau Family,

My family and I are so grateful to all of you who have sent us your love, your caring and your many kindnesses in word, deed and presence during this time of loss. I want to tell all of you how much the Farm  Bureau meant to our whole family. Bill was always up early and eager to get to work to meet whatever interesting challenges were to come up that day. He was always positive, happy and full of energy, open always to new ideas that seemed to come to him out of the air. (Upon sharing these thoughts with the family, our down-to-earth son would be heard to say,  “Dad, it needs more work.”) It was indeed a happy family affair.

We will all miss these things about this very special man who managed to hold family, work and life all together for himself and all the rest of us. We thank you all so very much for your comfort and support during these days.                                                                     

On behalf of our whole family, 31 at present, we want you to know how thankful we are for this beautiful chapter of our lives and for you, dear friends, and your most significant role in all that occurred.

Though there is grief, there is so much to celebrate. Thank you.


Helen Swank