Belmont County Enrichment Fund

Give Belmont County is an excellent fund for end of the year donations that may be on your agenda. Belmont County Farm Bureau has supported this fund since its beginning as the Smith-Goshen Rice Enrichment Fund. All contributions to this foundation fund are tax deductible.

Give Belmont County has three opportunities for giving available: Belmont County Enrichment Fund, Belmont County Endowment Fund, or a Donor Advised Fund.  Belmont County Farm Bureau would suggest you consider one of these if you find yourself needing to make additional year-end contributions. All donations to these funds are used in Belmont County for programs such as school backpack programs which provide food for children on weekends, local fire departments, and other community needs throughout Belmont County.  

Give Belmont County is operated under the Community Foundation for the Ohio Valley and many local grants have been distributed since early 2014 within Belmont County.

For further information or to make a contribution, visit the website at  or call Belmont County Farm Bureau at 740-425-3681.



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