Thank You Veterans

Belmont County Farm Bureau and the KFC/A&W Restaurant in Barnesville joined together Nov. 11 to provide a free meal to veterans in honor of the service they have given to our country. The event provided an opportunity to recognize and honor area veterans. Doan Ford sponsored a radio remote broadcast from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the restaurant.

Over 90 veterans enjoyed a meal and dessert compliments of Belmont County Farm Bureau and KFC/A&W Restaurant. Those participating in the special Veterans Salute included the following:

United States Air Force: Julia Robinson, Bill Skaggs, Roger Woods, Mark Mellott, Robert Harris, Ray Shriver, Dick Steele, Dee Desmarati, Bryan Lucas, and Hubert Cook.

United States Army: Leland Stephen, Robert Webb, Frank Fogle, Russ Cunard, Jim Thomas, Gary Mayberry, Roger Claus, Dan Casper, Shelton Bailey, Harold Cunard, Paul Luyster, Michael Barylak, John Dagrava, Gene Plumly, Jim Thornburg, Clifford Collins, Michael Booth, Marvin McCort, Gary Frazier, Jerry Kuthy, Tom Carpenter, George Stoudt, Michael Roe, David Bunting, Tim McKelvey, John Duch, Ronald Toohey, John Lane, Sherry Lane, Garry Stephen, Bill Cox, Ron Wyscarver, Roger Reischman, Jim Sellers, Charles Carpenter, Wayne Butler, Laurence Hayes, Howard Harp, Mike Carpenter, Vallas Carpenter, Vernon Ebert, Wayne Jenewein, John Butler, Clarence Atkinson, Chad Rogers, Blain Smith, Virgil Eddy, Tim Powell, Alan Mead, Terry Travis, Jamie Helmick, Larry Willis, Kenneth Kemp, Bob Falconer, Francis Miller, Wayne Henthorn, Robert Stephen, Jim McGuire, Don Carman, Hubert Chappell, George Chappell, Don Fisher, and Thomas Murphy. 

United States Marine Corps: Arthur D. Wildman, Josh Batross, David Huntsman, and Jim Myers.

United States Navy: Allen Palmer, Kevin Kinney, Jim McGee, Ed Mager, Harry VanHorn, Don Eberhart, Jeffrey Frasher, Steven Perun, Dan Debolt, Larry Grear, Arthur Mead, Curt Hallstrom, and Robert Lucas.

Thank you to all veterans for your service to our country.


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