Belmont County Farm Bureau assists area food banks

A Belmont County farmer recently donated more than 300 pounds of ground beef to the Belmont County Farm Bureau for distribution to five area food banks.

More than 900 Belmont County farmers, landowners, and others interested in agriculture and a safe food supply belong to Belmont County Farm Bureau which represents the legislative needs and community interests of its members.  Each year the organization works with legislators to ensure that our nation’s farmers and land owners are protected from unnecessary and costly regulations that will hamper farmers from doing what they do best: providing a safe and affordable food supply.

According to Belmont County Farm Bureau President Jerry Ebbert, Farm Bureau is a “legislative watchdog” that champions landowner rights such as eminent domain, CAUV, personal property tax exemptions and many other issues. Farm Bureau encourages members to be involved in the community and help their neighbors. The anonymous farmer who donated beef to local food banks is a perfect example. Thanks to this individual, several Belmont County food banks benefitted, including Belmont County Salvation Army, Bridgeport Food Pantry, Five Loaves Food Ministry, Project Manna and St. Clairsville Food Pantry.

“It is in the best economic interest of anyone who farms or owns land, to be a Belmont County Farm Bureau member,” Ebbert said. Persons interested in joining Farm Bureau or learning more about the organization may call 740-425-3681.

Photo: Jerry Ebbert, president, Belmont County Farm Bureau and Penny Widmor, St. Clairsville Food Pantry



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