2020 Agriculture District Application Period now open

The 2020 Application for Placement of Farmland in an Agricultural District is now open. 

Don’t forget to register or update your parcels for the Ag District and CAUV program.  

Last year we help Allen, Paulding, Putnam and Van Wert County was able to help farmers in those counties sign up for the Ag District program, and we want to help again! Ag Districts is a 5 year program to put your parcels in that are ag based parcels that are either 10 acres or more or you can prove you have a gross income of $2500 or more the last 3 years on that parcel. This is also the same time to make sure you are up to date on your CAVU as well.

If you signed up last year for ag district you still have 4 more years to go. If you do not know when you signed up your parcel, please call your county auditor to check.

For help filing your application, please call or stop in our office today! Information may also be found at County Auditors Office. More information on each county auditor can be found at the bottom of the page.

If it is your renewal period you have until the first Monday in March to get that renewal in.

Below are a few things for you to know about Ag Districts.

Filing an Application

Any owner of land used for agriculture production may file an application to have the land placed in an agriculture district. Applications must be filed in the county within the land is located, at the office of the county auditor. Within 30 days of filing the application, notice will be made to applicator, if the land is not within a municipal corporation or an annexation petition has not been filed. 


After filing for placement of land in an agricultural district, the original application is listed for 5 years. If chosen, the landowner may renew if they still choose to keep some or all of land in an agricultural district, they shall submit a renewal application and must meet the same land requirements and use the same application process as the original application. Renewal applications may be made after the first Monday of January and prior to the first Monday of March, or the First Monday of April. 

Land Used for Agricultural Production

As stated in Ohio Revised Code, Section 929.01(A), land is devoted to “agricultural production” when its used for commercial aquaculture, apiculture, animal husbandry, poultry husbandry; the production of field crops, tobacco, fruits, vegetables, timber, nursery stock, ornamental shrubs and trees, any combination of such husbandry, production, or growth; and includes the processing, drying, storage, and marketing of agriculture products when those activities are conducted in conjunction with such husbandry, production, or growth. Agricultural production includes conservation practices provided the tracts, lots, or parcels of the land are exclusively devoted to agricultural use. Conservation practices are used to abate soil erosion as required in the management of farming operation; including but not limited to construction, instillation, development, planting, or use of grass waterways, diversions, ponds, and cover crops for that purpose. Tracts, lots, or parcels mean distinct portions of pieces of land where the title is held by owner, as listed on the tax list, and duplicate of county, is in agricultural production and conforms with the other landowner requirements. 

Other Landowner Requirements

The land of which being applied for must be used exclusively for agricultural production or devoted to and qualified for payments or other compensation under the land retirement or conservation program under an agreement with a federal agency for the three consecutive calendar years prior to the year the application is filed. If the land for which is being applied for amounts to less than 10 acres, additional requirements must be met. Applicant must show valid evidence that applied land has produced an average yearly gross income of at least $2500 over the previous 3 years immediately preceding the year that application is made, or that the land will produce an anticipated annual gross income of that amount. Evidence of annual gross income may be satisfied by attaching to the application form, a short statement stating the number of animals by species and anticipated market value, number of acres of crops to be grown, their expected yield and price per bushel or similar specific information. 


County Auditor Offices


Rachael S. Gilroy
301 North Main St.
Lima, Ohio 45801
(419) 223 8520


Claudia J. Fickel
115 N. Williams St.
Suite 101
Paulding, OH 45879
(419) 399 8205


Robert L. Benroth
245 E. Main Street, Ste. 201
Ottawa, Ohio 45875
(419) 523 6686

Van Wert 

Van Wert County Auditor
121 E Main Street, Room 205
Van Wert, Ohio 45891
(419) 238 0843