Membership Kickoff

Membership campaign runs through March 31

Farm Bureau membership campaign kickoffs have been ongoing since mid-January as counties energize volunteers who serve as membership leaders to reach the organization’s member goals.

Last year the organization’s membership team and volunteers from county Farm Bureaus met and exceeded expectations. Active membership gain came in at 107.2%, year over year, and an impressive 81 counties received the Milestone Award for achieving a gain in farmer and ag professionals members. Fourteen volunteers won the Murray Lincoln Award for signing at least 50 new members to Ohio Farm Bureau.

A successful membership campaign begins with members who have a passion for Farm Bureau and can channel that passion into a conversation. A positive experience with Ohio Farm Bureau can naturally generate an opportunity for engaged conversation with anyone, including emerging leaders, young ag professionals and students.

For membership campaign kickoff dates, or to learn more about how to become involved in Farm Bureau and the campaign, contact your county Farm Bureau. The membership campaign runs through March 31.