Deadline for $500 scholarships extended to June 1.

The Richland County Farm Bureau is pleased announce an offer for two $500 scholarships to deserving students that meet one of the following criteria:

• High school senior who is, or whose parents/guardians are, Richland County Farm Bureau member(s), and is entering an accredited college, trade school or university as a full-time student. Preference given to those students who enroll in an agricultural-related major.

• College student who is, or whose parents/guardians are, Richland County Farm Bureau member(s), and is presently enrolled as a full-time student in a four year or two year university, an apprenticeship program or a trade school, in agriculture- related course of study.

Applicants will need to upload a transcript from the academic institution they are currently attending and at least one letter of recommendation from someone other than a relative (example: a teacher, pastor, advisor, employer, etc.) at the time of application.

Applications are to be made online, using this link, and are due no later than June 1, 2020. 

Past recipients of this scholarship may not apply.

Scholarship monies will be paid directly to the applicant to be used for school, books and living expenses following the next semester, or equivalent. All recipients must have a 2.5 GPA (or equivalent on a 4.0 scale) during college. Recipients will receive the funds after submission of their respective transcript detailing their grades for the first semester, or equivalent, for the academic year AND proof that the student is enrolled as a full-time student for the next grading period.

Recipients will be given three tickets to attend the Richland County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting where the scholarship winner(s) will be recognized.