Our Ohio Weekly – Keeping Rural America Alive

On this episode of Our Ohio Weekly:

For the first time since small towns were settled, the number of deaths in rural America now outpaces births. Vast regions of the nation are literally dying. Or are they? In the new book Total Town Makeover, author Andrew McCrea takes you on a journey to places that are very much alive!

00:00 – In his new book Total Town Makeover, Andrew McCrae visits small towns, cities and rural areas that have performed a “makeover.” These are places that are succeeding by creating robust economies, vibrant communities and focusing on how to build a strong next generation of residents.

23:50 – To the Beat of Agriculture, meet Ohio 3rd grader and award winning cabbage grower Lola Robenstine and find out what goes in to growing an 18 pound cabbage.

32:20 – This week’s Legal with Leah covers the Frost Law and what farmers need to know when it comes to transporting goods this time of year.

42:00 – Learn about a school that helps farmers become Foodpreneurs, giving them the skills to sell their products in more places.