Our Ohio Weekly – COVID-19’s impact on Ohio’s food system

On this episode of Our Ohio Weekly:

How is Ohio’s food system holding up amid the coronavirus pandemic? Find out in this Our Ohio Weekly as host Ty Higgins visits with representatives from sectors along the food chain. Hear from Ohio Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Adam Sharp about how agriculture is being impacted. Ohio Restaurant Association CEO John Barker talks about the major hit his industry is taking. Small farmer Bill Brown is adapting to the challenging situation, and community grocer Scott Rodhe gives some perspective from his vantage point.

00:00 – Adam Sharp, executive vice president of Ohio Farm Bureau

16:50 – John Barker, CEO of the Ohio Restaurant Association

23:50 – Small farmer Bill Brown talks about his adjustments to adapt to COVID-19 woes ‘To the Beat of Agriculture’

32:20 – Scott Rodhe, owner of Rodhe’s IGA Marketplace in Millersburg, Ohio