U. S. Census Bureau recruiting Monroe County census takers

Earn Extra Income While Helping the Community

The U.S. Census Bureau is actively recruiting applicants in the Monroe County area for enumerator positions. Jobs currently pay $14 per hour with paid training, paid travel and flexible hours. 

Census information is used to determine the amount of federal funding for schools, roads and nonprofit organizations as well as WIC benefits, etc. 

Applicants who receive help from any Ohio assistance programs such as HEAP, PIPP, HWAP, EPP and CSBG will not be penalized if they earn income from census work. Development excludes the income as a countable income for these programs because of the importance of filling census positions.

Regional census positions are key to ensuring an accurate census count in 2020. Earn extra income and help ensure that everyone in the community is counted by applying for a temporary census job here.

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