Supply Chain Disruption

Take the Farm, Food and Agribusiness COVID-19 Impact Survey

COVID-19 has caused many disruptions to daily life, agriculture and the entire food chain. The global pandemic has resulted in negative consequences for every sector of Ohio’s food production system in a vast amount of ways. 

With the help of insightful conversations with members about what they are experiencing on their farms as well as what they are seeing in their agricultural community, Ohio Farm Bureau has left no stone unturned. The team has put in countless hours on many fronts to find answers for those affected. Those discussions have shed light on immediate issues members are realizing, as well as their concerns about the long-term burdens their livelihoods may shoulder because of the coronavirus outbreak.

To take efforts a step further, Ohio Farm Bureau created a Farm, Food and Agribusiness COVID-19 Impact Survey. The goal of this survey is to gauge, in a broader scope, the uncertainties and concerns being felt across Ohio agriculture.

Please take the time to complete this survey. It only takes a couple of minutes and the input received is valuable. The greater the response, the better the results and those results will allow Farm Bureau to continue to help members navigate through this very trying time for agriculture.