Knox County Farm Bureau supports local food organizations

With all of the recent changes and new struggles brought about by COVID-19, the Knox County Farm Bureau Board of Trustees decided to invest money in making a small impact in the Knox County community.

Knox County board members worked with Case Farms Chicken, an important part of Knox County agriculture. The board of trustees contacted Inter Church to connect with local organizations to determine their needs and then worked to fill those needs. As always, Farm Bureau actively carried out its commitment to serving farm and community by allocating funds to purchase chicken for Knox County Hot Meals programs.

Chicken donations were provided to:

Gay Street Methodist Church

First Presbyterian

St. Paul’s

Danville Hot Meals

The Father’s Table

Fredericktown United Methodist

Fredericktown First Presbyterian

“These programs operate on limited funds and resources, so they are always thankful for donations and volunteer help. By purchasing chicken from Case Farms, the company that several Knox County farm families grow poultry for, Farm Bureau was able to help get food from farm to table in homes of many senior citizens in our county,” said Kim Hawk, Farm Bureau Board of Trustees member and local Case Farms grower.

The organizations and churches receiving donations were very appreciative of the assistance. Many of them are seeing an increase in clients needing meals for their families. The organizations understand the importance of providing an animal-based protein and the Farm Bureau’s donation makes it possible for many families to stay healthy during this pandemic.