Noble County Farm Bureau holds annual meeting

President Jason Feldner conducted the Noble County Farm Bureau annual meeting of members on Friday, July 31, at the Floral Hall, Noble County Fairgrounds in Caldwell.  At this meeting the members voted on proposed policies and selected trustees for the board of trustees as well as delegates to the Ohio Farm Bureau 2021 Annual Meeting.

Dinner was served by Hog Hollow BBQ. Policy issues included water concerns, line fences, coyotes, and health care. 

The program also featured presentations of awards to outstanding contributors to the organization and dedicated volunteers from this past year. Several volunteers were recognized as membership workers this year. A 100% Board Attendance Award was presented to Jason Feldner, Clair Schockling and Gladys Saling.

Senior Organization Director Betsy Anderson stated, “Farm Bureau depends on volunteers to accomplish our goals and policies. Noble County is very blessed with dedicated people to serve on their board of trustees and as membership volunteers.”


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