Member Feature: Nate’s Nectar

Nathan Davis is the owner and operator of Nate’s Nectar in Logan County, Ohio. Nathan works alongside Davis Apiaries to oversee the process of honey production from start to finish. Davis Apiaries is responsible for raising and selling the bees, including queens and nucs. Nate’s Nectar is the consumer side of the business which sells honey, beeswax products, candles and more. In any given year, Nate’s Nectar runs approximately 600 colonies. Nate’s Nectar has 12 locations where they keep bees in four counties of Ohio.

Nate’s Nectar is unique in the agriculture industry. While the Davis family does farm row crops as well, their beekeeping and honey production corners a niche market in Logan County. Despite some obvious differences, beekeeping pairs naturally with traditional agriculture.

“The bees provide natural pollinators for the area,” Davis said.

Davis is often able to market and sell his products directly to consumers, which he says is a special and rewarding experience. Traveling to farmers markets and festivals gives Nate’s Nectar the opportunity to sell products and let consumers put a face to their producer.

“We have a direct producer to consumer link that way,”he said.

As a Farm Bureau member, Davis enjoys networking with agriculture professionals. 

“It’s just a place where you can build connections, you can build business working relationships with other people and get in contact with other people. If you have questions, there are people [at Farm Bureau] that you can pick their brains,” he said.

Watch Davis talk more about his business and what Farm Bureau means to him:


To learn more about Nate’s Nectar or purchase products, visit Nate’s Nectar online.