Our Ohio Weekly

Our Ohio Weekly – Addressing Issues Impacting Young Ag Professionals

On this episode of Our Ohio Weekly:

The farm economy, trade and rural broadband are just some of the topics that would have been discussed as members of the Ohio Farm Bureau Young Ag Professionals were set to travel on their Leadership Trip to Washington. As with almost everything in our world today, this Our Ohio Weekly is helping those new and beginning farmers have their concerns addressed…virtually.

00:00 – American Farm Bureau’s Chief Economist Dr. John Newton and Managing Director of Advocacy and Political Affairs Cody Lyons.

16:50 – American Farm Bureau’s Director of Congressional Relations RJ Karney.

23:50 – Meet this year’s Ohio Farm Bureau Young Ag Professionals Committee Chairs Charlie and Casey Ellington “To the Beat of Agriculture”.

32:20 – Ohio Farm Bureau’s Director of State Policy Jenna Beadle.

42:20 – Ohio Farm Bureau Young Ag Professionals Co-Chair Aaron Harter.