Our Ohio Weekly

Our Ohio Weekly – Ohio Farm Bureau’s policy development process

Ohio Farm Bureau is the textbook definition of a grassroots organization. Policies and issues that the state’s largest farm organization takes up on the behalf of agriculture are developed and voted on by its members. The process for putting future policies together started last month when 20 Ohio Farm Bureau leaders began serving on the 2020 Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Policy Development Committee. Meet two of the committee members and hear about some of the issues the committee is considering.

00:00 – Dr. Larry Antosch, Director of Policy Development and Environmental Policy; Ohio Farm Bureau Board Member Adele Flynn (District 3) and Paulding County farmer Abram Klopfenstein.

23:50 – Frog Pond Farm in Canfield, Ohio had a very big country star as a customer recently. Farmer David Coakley tells the story To the Beat of Agriculture.

32:20 – As the election nears, American Farm Bureau’s Michael Sistak shares details about the IFarmIVote initiative.

42:20 – Doug Deardorff with USDA-NRCS gives specifics on the agency’s New and Beginning Farmer program.