Oil and gas, invasive species in timber information

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Energize Ohio

The work presented here is a compilation of the OSU Extension Energy Outreach Program and the Energize Ohio OSU Extension Signature Program, which are sources for nonbiased, research-based information addressing Ohio’s evolving energy landscape and critical energy issues impacting Ohioans.  The OSU Extension Energy Outreach Program team meets monthly to discuss ongoing energy trends, programming and learn from invited guest speakers who present on current energy issues impacting Ohio. 

Spotted Lantern Fly identified in Jefferson County

The spotted lanternfly (SLF) (Lycorma delicatula) is a new non-native invasive insect pest to the United States. Spotted lanternfly is thought to be native to China, Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan. However, it has been reported as a serious non-native, invasive pest in Korea. In the United States, it was discovered in 2014 in southeastern Pennsylvania, Berks County. Spotted lanternfly has the potential to cause harm to the tree fruit, grape, and hops industries.  

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