Nov/Dec 2020 Our Ohio

2020 November/December Our Ohio magazine preview

A preview of the first ever Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting to be held remotely is available in the November/December issue of Our Ohio magazine. The annual meeting is slated for Dec. 7-11.

Inside the magazine are separate stories on all three Distinguished Service and Cooperative Educator award honorees – Tim Corcoran, Becky Cropper and posthumously Yvonne Lesicko – as well as an overall preview story of the event. It includes the links all members will need to have to view the annual meeting festivities. 

In his column Across The Table, Ohio Farm Bureau’s Executive Vice President Adam Sharp talks about coming together for the annual meeting while still adhering to Ohio’s COVID-19 protocols. 

In the final issue of the magazine in 2020, the yearlong Working Together commodity series wraps up with a look at Farm Bureau’s work with the poultry sector. A feature of Monnin’s Fruit Farm in southwest Ohio tells the tale of keeping up with high demand as consumers sought to buy local during the pandemic as told through the eyes of one family’s produce farm market. 

November/December also features stories detailing what carbon credits might mean for farmers in the future and what Black farmers in Ohio have contributed and continue to contribute to the industry.  A final feature profiles some industrious students in Butler County who have taken on the task for assuaging hunger in their tri-state community by operating the non-profit JEE Foods near Cincinnati. 

The last list of recipes in 2020 are, fittingly enough, a combination of desserts to top off any holiday gathering, whether near or far, this year.

These are just the highlights of what members will find in the latest issue of Our Ohio magazine, a benefit of Farm Bureau membership and Our Ohio supporters. A digital edition is also available.

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