Wayne County Auditor 2020 Property Value Notice

Attention Wayne County Property Owners: The Wayne County Auditor’s Office has released a notice regarding the 2020 reappraisal for property taxes. The Wayne County Farm Bureau is very thankful for the efforts put forth by the auditor’s office over the last 1.5 years to make this reappraisal fair and accurate. This notice was sent to all Wayne County Farm Bureau Members Nov. 12 at 10 a.m.

*Please be aware that Nov. 20 is the deadline to request an informal review of your property if you believe their estimated value is incorrect.

Text from Auditor Underwood’s letter:

Dear Property Owner:

As Wayne County Auditor, I am dedicated to ensuring all property owners receive fair and equitable property values. Ohio law requires my office to conduct a Reappraisal of all properties this year.

During this reappraisal process, the Auditor must revalue each individual property based on comparable sales from 2017, 2018 and 2019. The goal of the reappraisal is to adjust and maintain realistic market values and to ensure that every property is being taxed fairly.

Given the extraordinary circumstances of the global pandemic we are unable to conduct in-person informal review meetings as we have in the past.


The “Real Estate Search” link at the top of the page can be utilized to navigate to your property’s data. Once on your property, the “Valuation” tab will display your tentative value (Total Land & Imp Value).

If the property is reduced by the Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV), your tentative value will be listed as Total Value (adjusted for CAUV). If your property has had activity during the last year such as new construction, buildings destroyed, property split/combined – it may not be reflected in your tentative value at this time.

Every property owner is encouraged to review their property’s tentative value. If you are satisfied with your tentative value, there is nothing more you need to do.

If you believe the tentative value is incorrect, please complete the online survey that is linked at the top of the website The deadline to complete a survey, which initiates an informal review of your property, is Nov. 20, 2020.

Please direct questions regarding this announcement to the Wayne County Auditor’s Office – Appraisal Department by email at [email protected] To call the Appraisal Department, use the first letter of your last name to find the appropriate phone number below.

Last name beginning with: A – E: (330)465-3144

F – L: (330)317-9164

M – R: (330)462-3579

S – Z: (330)465-1837

Due to COVID-19, we are still following the social distancing guidelines and have limited public capacity. We encourage everyone to utilize the online survey, phone communication, and email. 

***At this point in time, we will not be able to determine what your taxes will be for next year as taxes are based on many yet to be determined factors.***

Property values change over time, our commitment to serving the public does not.

Jarra Underwood Wayne County Auditor

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