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Merry Christmas from Pickaway County Farm Bureau

Merry Christmas,

I am Bennett Musselman, pBennett Musselmanresident of the Pickaway County Farm Bureau. I’m writing to wish you a safe and happy holiday season, and to thank you for being a member of the Pickaway County Farm Bureau.

As a member of Ohio Farm Bureau you stand with 798 Pickaway County Farm Bureau members and 83,293 members statewide who work together to advance agriculture and strengthen communities.

2020 was a challenging year, but the work of Pickaway County Farm Bureau didn’t stop. Your membership enabled us to have a positive impact in our community:

  • Purchased 56 livestock projects and 45 add-ons at the 2020 junior fair sale as the Pickaway County Buyers Club
  • Donated 7,500 lbs of locally raised pork and beef to foodbanks in Pickaway County. The Farms to Foodbanks project earned a prestigious award from the American Farm Bureau Federation.
  • Launched virtualagdays.com, showcasing local farms and teaching kids about ag in their community
  • Served as judges for FFA student activities
  • Delivered Nationwide Financial Essentials education webinars to members
  • Provided Foodpreneur Business Coaching to local food and farm business owners
  • Offered Food Preservation Grow and Know online education

The Pickaway County Farm Bureau invited members to contribute to the policy development process. We met with local candidates during elections to understand their value alignment with Farm Bureau members. Four delegates represented Pickaway County at the 2020 Ohio Farm Bureau Annual Meeting to advance policy initiatives that support our county.

The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation worked hard on your behalf at the state level. When the pandemic hit, Farm Bureau made sure agriculture and the entire food system was included as ‘critical infrastructure’ and ‘essential’. Ohio Farm Bureau advocated for farm support resulting in billions of dollars in USDA direct payments to assist farmers and business owners through the CARES Act. We ensured farm markets were treated as grocery stores, allowing direct farm sales to continue as a source of income for farmers. Ohio Farm Bureau worked to minimize food chain disruptions including dairy and meat processing.

Members like you make it happen.

Thank you for your continued support, and warm wishes this holiday season from the Ohio Farm Bureau Family.


Bennett Musselman

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