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COVID-19 has, without a doubt, fundamentally changed the food system and consumer attitudes but what we can expect in 2021. What shifts are happening in purchasing behaviors? How is the food industry evolving to adjust? What’s ahead in the new year? On this Our Ohio Weekly, hear from industry experts and members of the Center for Food Integrity’s Consumer Trust Insights Council to find out if how we get, prepare or even order our food will ever be the same on the other side of a global pandemic.

00:00 – Susan Schwallie, President of Food and Beverage, NPD Group and Kevin Ryan, founder of Malachite Strategy give their insights on the future of food.

23:50 – “To the Beat of Agriculture”, educator Kelly Rickabaugh shares her passion for the field of ag she’s in and how she empowers her students’ life and future career choices.

32:20 – Ohio Farm Bureau’s senior director of state and national policy, Brandon Kern, talks about what the new COVID stimulus package has for the farm sector.

42:20 – American Farm Bureau’s Melissa Sanders Carrol fills in all of the details on this week’s 2021 AFBF Virtual Annual Convention.

I'm eternally grateful for the support Ohio Farm Bureau scholarships provided in helping me turn my dreams into reality.
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Bethany Starlin

Hocking County Farm Bureau

Available scholarships
I see the value and need to be engaged in the community I live in, to be a part of the decision-making process and to volunteer with organizations that help make our community better.
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Matt Aultman

Darke County Farm Bureau

Leadership development
With not growing up on a farm, I’d say I was a late bloomer to agriculture. I feel so fortunate that I found the agriculture industry. There are so many opportunities for growth.
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Jenna Gregorich

Coshocton County Farm Bureau

Growing our Generation
Labor has always been an issue, mainly because we are a seasonal operation. So that's a challenge finding somebody who only wants to work three months out of a year, sometimes up to six months.
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Mandy Way

Way Farms

Business Solutions
Farm Bureau involvement has taught me how to grow my professional and leadership experience outside of the workforce and how to do that in a community-centric way.
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Jaclyn De Candio

Clark County Farm Bureau

Young Ag Professionals program
If it wasn't for Farm Bureau, I personally, along with many others, would not have had the opportunity to meet with our representatives face to face in Washington.
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Austin Heil

Hardin County Farm Bureau

Washington, D.C. Leadership Experience
So many of the issues that OFBF and its members are advocating for are important to all Ohioans. I look at OFBF as an agricultural watchdog advocating for farmers and rural communities across Ohio.
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Mary Smallsreed

Trumbull County Farm Bureau

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