Ashtabula County Ag Day

2021 Ashtabula Ag Day sponsors sought

Every spring around 1,000 first graders from all Ashtabula County schools descend on the Ashtabula County Fairgrounds to participate in Ashtabula County’s “Ag Day.” Coordinated by OSU Extension and the Ashtabula County Farm Bureau, the primary goal of Ag Day is to educate first graders on where their food comes from and to showcase the different types of agricultural commodities that are being produced in Ashtabula County.

Due to the pandemic, last year’s Ag Day was postponed, but with the hope of offering this year’s Ag Day to two grades. As the pandemic continues into 2021  there are still decisions that will be made to ensure both safety and great agricultural education are provided.

What will Ag Day 2021 look like? Currently, there are some unknowns, but both Ashtabula County’s first and second graders will be served. Due to the unknowns when it comes to in-person gatherings, the planners are working hard to be prepared for any situation.

The first choice would be to have all schools attend the event in-person at the fairgrounds. This would be accomplished over two days (May 13 & 14, 2021).

While planners are preparing for in-person, there are many reasons this may not be possible. That is why an Ag Day- classroom edition is being created that can be done in classrooms or virtually online. This will include videos from the usual stations and supplies that will be sent to the schools to provide the hands-on activities.

Whether Ag Day is online or in person, the online content and activities will enhance the Ag Day experience for years to come and offer the ability to educate students about agriculture beyond this one-day event. A final decision will be made in March and planners will continue to prepare for any situation.

Sponsorship opportunities

Ashtabula County’s Ag Day program has become a community-supported effort as over 300 volunteers and donors help to make this day a reality for the students. The cost of hosting this event is nearly $22,000 (both monetary and in-kind) and without the support of many, this program would not be possible.

We are asking you to consider becoming a donor for the 2021 Ag Day. There are five levels of sponsorship:

Platinum Sponsorship: $1,000 and over

Gold Sponsorship: $500 to $999

Silver Sponsorship: $250 to $499

Bronze Sponsorship: $100 to $249

Friends of Ag Day: $1 to $99

For 2021, all Ashtabula County farms, agribusinesses and supporters of Ashtabula County agriculture are asked to consider donating to help educate our youth about agriculture. Gifts to this program are 100% tax-deductible. 


If you have never experienced Ag Day, please check out this short video from Ag Day 2019.

If you are interested in volunteering, providing video or photo footage, or have any questions, please contact Mandy Orahood at 440.426.2195 or by email at [email protected] or Abbey Averill at 440.576.9008.

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