2021 Membership Campaign

Membership Update for Feb. 12, 2021

Only six more weeks left in this year’s membership campaign. Sounds reminiscent of Groundhog Day a little over a week ago, but these remaining six weeks will be filled with a lot of great news about the work of your organization.  

Currently we are at 56,371 paid active members. We’re doing well, but we need as much help as we can get to contact members that have not renewed yet, as well as former members and new member prospects to meet our goal by March 31, 2021.

I hope you have been taking note for the last several weeks of the creativity of your county Farm Bureau to communicate the value that Farm Bureau brings to you and your community.  

This week we are beginning to recognize those county volunteers who have signed at least 3 new or winback members (or equivalent thereof for Young Active memberships). Please make sure to review that list below; we would love to see your name on that list in the coming weeks. There are more reasons than ever to step up and tell your story of why you are a member. 

Below, Adam Carney, senior director of membership sales and marketing, provides some thoughts on having conversations with these and other prospective members to help you get started.

Thank you for your commitment to grow the organization.

Group Membership

Adam Carney, senior director of Membership Sales & Marketing

A group membership is for businesses and organizations that want to provide additional value to their employees and leaders, while at the same time supporting the agriculture industry. 

There are more than 290 diverse companies and organizations that have enrolled in the program across the state. The majority of groups are part of Ohio’s agriculture fabric, such as cooperatives, veterinary offices, banks, implement dealers, member benefit partners (Ford dealers, etc.) and greenhouses.

  • Group membership consists of purchasing 5 or more individual Farm Bureau memberships, by a business or organization–Statewide flat rate of $72 each. 
  • Businesses and organizations invest in a group membership for their employees, clients, or board members.
  • Each individual within the group membership receives a 12 month membership and has access to all benefits and opportunities.
  • The company gains access to premier benefits designed to promote their business and develop skills within their team.
  • Group membership provides the opportunity to join thousands of other agriculture advocates in helping us continue to be the voice of agriculture and support and advocate for our industry as a whole

Who is a Group Membership Prospect?

  • If you work off the farm, your place of employment? 
  • Where does your neighbor work?
  • What companies do you do business with personally within your county?
  • What companies does your county Farm Bureau do business with?
  • What companies do you drive by every day within your county?

Every company, organization or association within your county is a PROSPECT.

Use this flyer along with additional resources available with your county Farm Bureau in preparation for your initial conversation.

Top signers

Here is the list of top signers so far in the campaign. Congratulations, thank you and good luck to these individuals for meeting a goal and striving for that next goal.

County Farm Bureaus in action

Noble County Farm Bureau membership meeting
During the Membership Kickoff, the Noble County board of trustees signed renewal and prospective members postcards to help grow their county Farm Bureau.







Downtown Jackson Chocolate Walk
The Jackson-Vinton County Farm Bureau participated in the Downtown Jackson Chocolate Walk hosted by the Downtown Association. County volunteers welcomed 134 visitors to the county office and visited with them about the work of the organization.










2021 Crawford County Farm Bureau membership kickoff
Kayla Roe, Crawford County membership coordinator, presenting to her team at the county membership kick-off.














How can you help

  • Ask another member to be involved in the campaign.
  • Develop your prospect list for both individual members and group members.
  • Review the value that Farm Bureau provides to members.
  • Reflect on why you are a Farm Bureau member.
  • Engage in a conversation about the value of Farm Bureau with family or Friends.
  • Ask at least two people to join Farm Bureau this week.
  • Contact your county Farm Bureau for more information



Farm Bureau is an incredible organization that has given me countless professional development opportunities in addition to advocating for all sizes and types of farmers.
Shana Angel's avatar
Shana Angel

Tuscarawas County Farm Bureau

If it wasn't for Farm Bureau, I personally, along with many others, would not have had the opportunity to meet with our representatives face to face in Washington, D.C.
Austin Heil's avatar
Austin Heil

Hardin County Farm Bureau

Washington, D.C. Leadership Experience
Through its policies it brings together people in the agricultural community and invests in building vibrant communities that support agriculture.
Eric Bernstein 's avatar
Eric Bernstein

Wyandot County Farm Bureau

Future employees, leaders
If you have issues with local planning or have legal questions, someone at the Farm Bureau has the answer for you, or they’ll connect you with someone who does.
Gayle Hansen's avatar
Gayle Hansen

Cuyahoga County Farm Bureau

Hansen's Greenhouse
As a member of Farm Bureau, I am glad that this organization takes action when necessary to protect and advance agriculture.
Mary Smallsreed's avatar
Mary Smallsreed

Trumbull County Farm Bureau

Policy Development
We go to a lot of Farm Bureau events, and there’s a lot of camaraderie built because you’re meeting with people who have similar interests and goals.
Andy Hollenback's avatar
Andy Hollenback

Licking County Farm Bureau

Event Calendar
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