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No-till farming is nothing new. It was used as far back as 10,000 years ago. Research shows that adopting no-till practices is good for the soil, but what’s in it for the farmer? How does no-till farming fit into water quality, climate-smart farming and carbon sequestration? This week on Our Ohio Weekly, we’ll visit with members of the Ohio No-Till Council to find out why more farmers are becoming interested in no-till.

00:00 – Ohio No-Till Council President and Hardin County farmer Jan Layman and council board member and Highland County farmer Nathan Brown talk about why no-till farming works for them and how the practice is trending upward. They also give the highlights of the upcoming virtual Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference.

23:50 – Meet a Ross County farmer who walked away from a successful career and took a massive financial gamble to start a farming career “To the Beat of Agriculture.”

32:20 – Ohio Farm Bureau’s Senior Director of Policy Development and Environmental Policy, Dr. Larry Antosch, talks about the newly revised 590 Nutrient Management Standard.

42:20 – Lindsay Shoup, organization director for Summit County Farm Bureau, gives the details about their upcoming Food Waste Webinar.

Farm Bureau is an incredible organization that has given me countless professional development opportunities in addition to advocating for all sizes and types of farmers.
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Shana Angel

Tuscarawas County Farm Bureau

If it wasn't for Farm Bureau, I personally, along with many others, would not have had the opportunity to meet with our representatives face to face in Washington, D.C.
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Austin Heil

Hardin County Farm Bureau

Washington, D.C. Leadership Experience
Through its policies it brings together people in the agricultural community and invests in building vibrant communities that support agriculture.
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Eric Bernstein

Wyandot County Farm Bureau

Future employees, leaders
If you have issues with local planning or have legal questions, someone at the Farm Bureau has the answer for you, or they’ll connect you with someone who does.
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Gayle Hansen

Cuyahoga County Farm Bureau

Hansen's Greenhouse
As a member of Farm Bureau, I am glad that this organization takes action when necessary to protect and advance agriculture.
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Mary Smallsreed

Trumbull County Farm Bureau

Policy Development
We go to a lot of Farm Bureau events, and there’s a lot of camaraderie built because you’re meeting with people who have similar interests and goals.
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Andy Hollenback

Licking County Farm Bureau

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