Our Ohio Weekly

Our Ohio Weekly: The Ohio No-Till Council

No-till farming is nothing new. It was used as far back as 10,000 years ago. Research shows that adopting no-till practices is good for the soil, but what’s in it for the farmer? How does no-till farming fit into water quality, climate-smart farming and carbon sequestration? This week on Our Ohio Weekly, we’ll visit with members of the Ohio No-Till Council to find out why more farmers are becoming interested in no-till.

00:00 – Ohio No-Till Council President and Hardin County farmer Jan Layman and council board member and Highland County farmer Nathan Brown talk about why no-till farming works for them and how the practice is trending upward. They also give the highlights of the upcoming virtual Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference.

23:50 – Meet a Ross County farmer who walked away from a successful career and took a massive financial gamble to start a farming career “To the Beat of Agriculture.”

32:20 – Ohio Farm Bureau’s Senior Director of Policy Development and Environmental Policy, Dr. Larry Antosch, talks about the newly revised 590 Nutrient Management Standard.

42:20 – Lindsay Shoup, organization director for Summit County Farm Bureau, gives the details about their upcoming Food Waste Webinar.