2021 Membership Campaign

2021 Membership Campaign: The results are in

Final Membership Update April 7, 2021

WOW! You are an incredible group of people. I could not be more proud of the great work that all of you have done. We completed last year’s campaign at the beginning of the pandemic and had hoped for a more normal membership campaign in 2021. That did not occur, but in Farm Bureau fashion, you all found new safe and socially distanced ways to connect with people to tell your story and ask them to join you as a member.

We finished the campaign with 68,382 paid active members for a gain of 461 active members.

Here is a final list of some of the accomplishments for the 2021 Membership Campaign:

  • 70 counties achieved at least active gain and the Milestone Award.
  • 15 of those counties achieved at least a 3% active gain and the Explorer Award.
  • 4 of those counties achieved at least a 6% active gain and the Trailblazer Award.
  • 18 counties achieved total gain.
  • 5 Murray Lincoln Award winners.
  • 50 Ambassador Club winners.
  • 11 Champions Club qualifiers.

Congratulations to the following individuals who have achieved the Murray Lincoln Award:

  • John Miller – Holmes
  • Ervin Raber – Holmes
  • Tracy Robinson – Pike
  • Mick Scott – Jackson-Vinton
  • Pam Updike – Jackson-Vinton

Please be sure to see the entire list of our top signers below.
Thank you all for your commitment to continue to help your organization grow.

Top signers

Here is the list of the top signers in the 2021 Membership Campaign. Congratulations and thank you.