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Our Ohio Weekly: ‘Where the Field Corn Grows’ comedian Greg Warren

If you’ve watched a few shows on Comedy Central or NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” or have purchased peanut butter in bulk, you have more than likely run into this week’s guest. Comedian Greg Warren joins us to talk about his new Amazon Prime special “Where the Field Corn Grows.” Warren is smart enough to understand what he doesn’t know, and it’s in his common-sense attempt to understand basic agriculture and farm life that he harvests the ridiculous and absurd.

00:00 – Comedian Greg Warren talks about his Amazon Prime special “Where the Field Corn Grows.”

16:50 – Ray Atkinson, American Farm Bureau’s director of communication, gives details on the new Farm State of Mind resource directory for those struggling with farm stress and mental health.

23:50 – “To the Beat of Agriculture,” meet the 2021 Ohio Pork Council Pork Industry Excellence Award winner, Duane Stateler, and here about his farm that is several generations strong.

32:20 – Hocking County Farm Bureau’s Ivory Harlow shares info about Hocking County Ag Days.

42:20 – Blanchard River Demonstration Farms Network Project Manager Aaron Heilers talks about what is planned for the farms for 2021.