Guernsey County Farm Bureau held 2021 Annual Meeting

President Vicki Wilson conducted the Guernsey County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting of members on Thursday, Aug. 12, 2021, at the Guernsey County Fairgrounds. At this meeting, the members voted on proposed policies and selected trustees for the Board of Trustees as well as delegates to the Ohio Farm Bureau 2022 Annual Meeting.

Policy issues included oil and gas issues on inspections and unitization. All proposed policies were approved.

Members were provided with a pork chop dinner while they voted. Elected as board of trustee members were Bruce Hodges, Jimmy Nixon, Debi Roe, and Jenny Schultice. Guernsey County Member of Distinction was Bill Domitrovic. Elected as delegates to the Ohio Farm Bureau annual meeting for 2021 were Kathi Albertson, Bethaney Enos and Bill Domitrovic.

The gavel of president was passed from Vicki Wilson to new President Miranda Miser.