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Investment in succession planning pays off

Alisha Morgan is passionate about succession planning because without that plan in place, the emotional and financial tolls that came their family’s way could have resulted in the loss of their farm.

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Insurance coverage for double crop soybeans expanded in Ohio

USDA’s Risk Management Agency is expanding double crop insurance opportunities in nearly 1,500 counties, including 87 of Ohio’s 88 counties, where double cropping is viable.

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3 questions to ask before lending farm, ag equipment to neighbors

It’s crucial to do proper planning – weighing any safety, liability and insurance considerations.

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Keep up with risk mitigation as farm size grows

Farmers today are increasingly adapting farm management strategies to integrate things like human relations and employee management.

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How to sell at a farmers market

Nationwide suggests tried-and-true tips and strategies that may improve odds for success and increase profitability at a farmers market.

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Diversifying an operation in the wake of COVID-19

New on-farm ventures like marketing meat directly to consumers or creating an agritourism attraction can create new revenue streams, but they can also open up new risk exposure.

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